Handy charts

Create an ID tag for your child


Cut out the tag, fold it and attach to your child's backpack or favourite toy. Include important information such as your name and contact details as well as your address and any allergies he may have.

Make it fun to carry around by adding pictures of him as well as siblings, and show him your ID document so that he knows that you also carry one with you.

To download, click here.

To download a jpeg of this tag, click here.

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Mom to Mom Feed

What do you feel the guiltiest about as mom?

I feel I don't spend enough quality time with my kids.
I shout at them.
I don't listen to them attentively and am always distracted.
I probably should have breastfed them for longer.
I'm not able to give them more material things.
I'm not organised with scrap books and albums and memory boxes.
My kids are overweight.
My kids watch too much TV.
I feel guilty for sometimes wishing I could just go away and be by myself.
Someone else is looking after my kids while I work.
I don't feel guilty!